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Looking For An Exciting Profession?

Last Updated: July 2, 2011

If you’re searching for excitement then Search And Rescue are looking for you.Suspended from a Cormorant helicopter over a raging sea, in -32 degree “whiteout” conditions somewhere in the Arctic, you are slowly being winched down. Two metres from your dangling legs searing flames reach up and blister the soles of your boots. Below you a ditched [….]

Life On The Open Sea.

Last Updated: June 23, 2011

If you’ve thought about joining the Canadian Armed Forces but find the Regular Force too earth-bound for you and the Air Force too up in the clouds, then why not consider the Navy as a career path. Home of the Great Lakes and virtually bounded by water, Canada is one of the leading maritime nations on earth. [….]

Truth, Duty And Valour Above All.

Last Updated: June 15, 2011

If you are thinking about enrolling to become an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, this overview will give you a quick walkthrough. There are a number of Officer Entry Programs, the Primary one being the Regular Officer Training Plan. This plan involves education at the Royal Military College or alternatively at a civilian Canadian university. The next [….]

The Sky Is the Limit In The Canadian Air Force.

Last Updated: June 4, 2011

The Canadian Air Force is definitely an occupation to explore. Following is alist of the type of career opportunities available in the Canadian Air Force. Be advised, all Air Force personnel receive 13 weeks of basic training before specialised instruction begins for any of the career slots. Technicians. These positions are: Aircraft Structures Technicians, Aviation Systems [….]

Surviving Basic Training In The CAF.

Last Updated: May 31, 2011

Well it’s not as bad as it sounds, it’s more like ‘experiencing’ basic training. As a new recruit, officers included, youare required to undergo a 13-week course in order to train you in the skills you will require for your chosen career in the military. This will be an intensive course in order to prepare you [….]

What Will I Get Out Of Joining The CAF?

Last Updated: May 17, 2011

From Day 1, you will enjoy a competitive salary and great benefits. But a career in the CAF is so much more than making a living, it will allow you to make a difference in the world. There is no career more challenging or rewarding than serving in the Canadian Forces (CF) where you can take part [….]

Canadian Armed Forces Recruiters Are People Too

Last Updated: May 5, 2011

Following complaints that some potential recruits to the Canadian Armed Forces were not handled in a decent way, the Office of the Auditor General and the Office of the Ombudsman investigated into the recruitment process. It was found that there were delays and a lack of communication in many instances, but that the recruitment process actually worked well [….]

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Last Updated: April 26, 2011

As my bedside clock clicked over to 5:30 am precisely, the bedroom door was flung open by my Dad, jogging on the spot and yelling at the top of his voice “Up, up, up… you promised to go running with me remember, no excuses now, let’s go!” Wearily I fell out of bed and pulled on my [….]

The Famous Five Go On An Adventure

Last Updated: April 16, 2011

I can’t remember how it all started but from early on I began to hang around with four other guys more or less my age. We attended play school together, we were forever in and out of each others houses together, falling out of trees together and just being a general nuisance together. They called us the [….]

A Night To Remember.

Last Updated: April 4, 2011

After the crowd had left the restaurant and the casual staff had gone home at 1 a.m. I began the lonely task of preparing for the early morning breakfast rush. Being the manager of a chain of trendy eateries was an extremely exacting position, especially being in charge of the central kitchen. Will stocks be sufficient for [….]

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