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Surviving Basic Training In The CAF.

May 31, 2011

Well it’s not as bad as it sounds, it’s more like ‘experiencing’ basic training. As a new recruit, officers included, youare required to undergo a 13-week course in order to train you in the skills you will require for your chosen career in the military. This will be an intensive course in order to prepare you mentally and  physically to deal with any challenges you might encounter in the future,
The Basic Training routine initially consists of physical exercise in all its forms…running, push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups and getting-ups very early in the morning. So far so good. Map and compass readings follow, with weapons drill, First Aid and surviving in the field under difficult conditions. Once this initial phase is over, you’re on the first rung of becoming a soldier.
The army understands that this is a unique and trying environment for the new recruit but it’s important to persevere. Pay attention, take notes and keep a level head. Officer training has the same schedule with the addition of LeadershipTheory which takes place in a classroom.
Briefly, a typical daily training routine consists of a very early wake up call, PT, breakfast and morning inspection. The day is taken up with lectures, lunch and then a continuation of instruction through to Dinner, after which, homework, preparation for morning inspection and personal time takes you up to lights out at 11 pm sertraline tablets.

Daily instruction consists of the following subjects:.

Military Bearing.

Parade Ground Drill

Weapons Training

Military Knowledge

Physical Fitness

Map Reading

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence

Survival In The Field

General SafetyFirst Aid

Finally, a day you can feel justifiably proud, Graduation Day! You have achieved an admirable goal in life, aimed for exellence and come out on top! Congratulations.




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