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A Night To Remember.

April 4, 2011

After the crowd had left the restaurant and the casual staff had gone home at 1 a.m. I began the lonely task of preparing for the early morning breakfast rush. Being the manager of a chain of trendy eateries was an extremely exacting position, especially being in charge of the central kitchen.

Will stocks be sufficient for tomorrows wedding reception, catering for 300 guests, will the restaurant be returned to normal for the evening sittings, (now overbookedby 20 people), will the transportation for the extra staff be on time, are the finances in place for the promotion next week…? on and on the list clicked through my mind like a well oiled machine. Yes, running a restaurant was a formidable task and fun up to a point.

I decided that night that I had reached my ‘point’. Wearily I pushed tables into line, collected overlooked cocktail glasses and rescued well used napkins from the carpet. As I pulled out a chair awkwardly pushed under a table I noticed a full color brochure on the seat slowly slipping to the floor. I caught it and sat down in one movement I was so bone weary. My eye caught the cover as familiar words leapt out at me….”Logistics handle Supply Chain Management, Transportation, Human Resource Management, Finance, and Food Services….” they could be talking about me I thought and flipped open the cover to see the Canadian Forces logo, this was their recruitment brochure.

Of course, why hadn’t I thought of this before, immediately I felt a rush of enthusiasm and energy course through meas I realized I had the answer to the question that had been nagging me recently, am I doing something meaningful with my life?

Well, it’s six months down the track and I’m now in logistics for the CAF after having successfully completedtheir recruitment requirements. I am still bone weary at the end of the day but I’m loving it!

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