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The Three Environments And The Four Commands.

Last Updated: March 31, 2011

The Canadian Forces is a ‘single service’ force that has three environments. They are the Navy, the Army and the Air Force. Taking control of sea, land and air, their mission is to serve Canada by protecting its interests and defending itsvalues and sovereignty at home and abroad. At home, the Navy patrols and safeguards the [….]

Dinner Table Debate

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When I mentioned in passing that I intended taking the CAF Aptitude Test the conversation at the dinner table died,I looked around perplexed at the surprised silent faces, then everyone began talking at once…”I know a guy who tried that, it’s diffi……””Are you nuts, you can’t even…””That sounds cool but…”My dad held up his hands [….]

A Lesson To Be Learned

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As I sat in the spacious waiting room of the Canadian Forces recruitment offices in anticipation of sitting their Aptitude Test, I mentally ticked off all the steps involved in realizing my dream of joining the Army. 1 Submit an application. 2 Undergo a reliability screening. 3 Complete the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test. 4 Successfully [….]

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