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Wake Up! Wake Up!

April 26, 2011

As my bedside clock clicked over to 5:30 am precisely, the bedroom door was flung open by my Dad, jogging on the spot and yelling at the top of his voice “Up, up, up… you promised to go running with me remember, no excuses now, let’s go!”

Wearily I fell out of bed and pulled on my gear. The first rays of daylight streaked the sky as we returnedat 8:10 am. With no time to lose I sat down to breakfast, prepared by my Mom while we were out. I had only a short while to eat and dress before leaving for my 8:20 am classes but I made sure there wasn’t a hair out of place… my Mawas a tyrant when it came to morning inspection.

At 8:20 am I sat down to the first of the days lectures with a Lunch break between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm then on to 4:30 pm and home for Dinner.

At 6:00 pm after eating I cleared the table and started on my Homework, by 11:00 pmmy lights were out. I lay there in the dark thinking about my daily routine and the future. A smile began to form whichbroke into a laugh as I suddenly thought of something I had just seen on the Internet, I fell asleep with the smilestill on my face.

The next evening after Dinner I sat down with my folks and made the announcement “I am joining the CAF” I said.After the initial surprise had worn off and their endless questions had run their course my Dad sat back and lookedcritically at me,

“You know son…” he began slowly…”I don’t mean to be unkind but I don’t think you have thediscipline.” He was startled when I laughed out loud and placed a Canadian Armed Forces Basic Training programmein front of him…
5:30 am….Wake up!5:45 am….8:10 am Physical fitness training, breakfast and morning inspection8:20 am….12:00 pm Instruction12:00 pm…1:00 pm Lunch1:00 pm….4:30 pm Instruction4:30 pm….6:00 pm Dinner6:00 pm….11:00pm Homework, prepare for morning inspection, personal time11:00 pm…Lights out
I must say I’ve never seen my parents laugh so much wikipedia reference. I’ve been in the Armed Forces for six months now and it feels just like home!

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