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Life On The Open Sea.

June 23, 2011

If you’ve thought about joining the Canadian Armed Forces but find the Regular Force too earth-bound for you and the Air Force too up in the clouds, then why not consider the Navy as a career path. Home of the Great Lakes and virtually bounded by water, Canada is one of the leading maritime nations on earth. You stand to reap the benefits of over 100 years of sailing experience. Canada’s navy tirelessly safeguards our maritime approaches, protecting offshore resourcesand actively taking part in global security.

The Navy currently consists of 8,500 regular sailors, 5,000 reserves and approximately 5,000 civilian personnel. As withany large and complex organization, people are their greatest asset. You can become a part of this tightly knit teamof professionals. Comprising ‘formations’ of destroyers, frigates, submarines, supply ships, coastal defence and many more auxillary vessels you are certain to find a home with us.

These ‘formations’, known as the Maritime Forces Atlantic and Pacific, control training, fleet maintenance and deployment readiness in times of domestic or international requirements. The Navys’ operational area is roughly between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and it participates in joint Canada/U.S. and NATO exercises sertraline 100mg tablets.

There are a variety of positions which may interest you such as: Operators with computer skills, Divers, Technicians andBoarding Parties who board and search suspect vessels, to name a few, there are many, many more.Unlike the Regular Forces or the Airforce, the Navy is a unique environment with distinctive traditions and customspassed on through the years such as Lucky Bag, Piping The Side and Lashing The Broom To The Masthead. We won’tgive away these traditions here so why not join up and find out for yourself what Gundecking and Geedunk mean.

It’s time to stop thinking about joining this or that and make the decision now! In the Navy you will travel the world in modern ships with cutting edge technology under your feet, an enviable history behind you and the distant horizon beckoning.

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