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Canadian Armed Forces Recruiters Are People Too

May 5, 2011

Following complaints that some potential recruits to the Canadian Armed Forces were not handled in a decent way, the Office of the Auditor General and the Office of the Ombudsman investigated into the recruitment process. It was found that there were delays and a lack of communication in many instances, but that the recruitment process actually worked well and that the quality of the recruits was high.
The message here is that you should not be put off if there are glitches between the time you fill in the Canadian Armed Forces Employment Application Form and enrolment. Remember that the Armed Forces is a huge body of peopleand that bureaucratic hitches might occur, but they can be ironed out. Stay calm, polite and persistent, even if correspondence is slow.
Rather than seeking fault with the recruiters or the system, keep your own side of the deal. Arrive for interviews on time, read and listen carefully to what is being written and said, and do your best. The investigations showed that thesix-step Canadian Armed Forces recruitment method worked well.
Just work with the system, not against it, and recognize that the old saying “hurry up and wait” inevitably does apply to the Armed Forces. When one considers the logistics of managing a large body of people and masses of detailed information, files and valuable documents then the occasional setback is a small price to pay. cialis 20 mg tablette teilen cialis 5 mg diario precio

The trick is to stay patient and have a bit of understanding for your potential employer. It’s well worth the wait. is it safe to take 40mg of cialis best site to buy levitra

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