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Looking For An Exciting Profession?

July 2, 2011

If you’re searching for excitement then Search And Rescue are looking for you.Suspended from a Cormorant helicopter over a raging sea, in -32 degree “whiteout” conditions somewhere in the Arctic, you are slowly being winched down. Two metres from your dangling legs searing flames reach up and blister the soles of your boots. Below you a ditched aircraft burns furiously in the turbulent waters. As you sway in gusting wind, time isrunning out for the injured pilot clinging to the sinking plane, you indicate to increase the ‘drop’ speed. Suddenly, caught in a violent blast the chopper drops and sends you straight for the raging oil-slicked flames.

With ice-cold determination and unflinching nerves the pilot ‘catches’ the chopper in free fall and safely guides you to the stricken pilot. Lashing the semi-concious man to your harness you are drawn safely upwards as the smoking plane slides beneath the churning waters sertraline generic. All in a days work we say!

If that’s the kind of excitement you crave then look no further than Search And Rescue. SAR is an arm of the Canadian Air Force which, with support from the Canadian Coast Guard, civil and government organizations, conducts rescue missions for people in distress, supplying emergency medical facilities at crash sites and transport for the injured.Search And Rescue crews have won countless awards for their heroism and bravery in the line of duty, including theCross Of Valour. For 61 years SAR crews have put their lives on the line and made Canadians proud.Join now!

Training is world class and intensive but at the end of the day we know you’ll make us proud.

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