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The Famous Five Go On An Adventure

April 16, 2011

I can’t remember how it all started but from early on I began to hang around with four other guys more or less my age. We attended play school together, we were forever in and out of each others houses together, falling out of trees together and just being a general nuisance together.

They called us the ‘famous five’, though I’m sure we were called many other names too. High school was no different, (we did manage to lose the ‘famous five’ tag) our priorities had changed and now we were older we felt a sense of responsibility begin to take hold of our actions. Though we partied till all hours when theoccasion arose and played sport with a passion we still put the effort in to achieve excellent grades to a man. All the while, the question of our future and what we intended to do with our lives began to creep more and more intoour conversations.

Brad was keen on Pharmacy, Steve seemed settled on Communications and Electronics. Rick was definitely into Dentistry and Michael, the creative one, was set on becoming a Musician. As for me I hovered between Construction and Engineering. Yeah, we were a bright bunch of guys, no question and I’m sure it was this intellectual bond that carried our friendshipthrough the years. The day finally dawned when we would part to study our respective professions but the night beforewe had had a ‘famous five’ meeting and made a unanimous decision… we decided to join the army!

Years later, clutching our hard won degrees, we kept that promise. We joined the army because no other profession can offer a lifetime of friendship to friends and families who want to be together.

In the armed forces the opportunities exist for you to realize your goals in virtually any profession you are qualified for…you’re not alone.

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