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A Lesson To Be Learned

March 31, 2011

As I sat in the spacious waiting room of the Canadian Forces recruitment offices in anticipation of sitting their Aptitude Test, I mentally ticked off all the steps involved in realizing my dream of joining the Army.
1 Submit an application.

2 Undergo a reliability screening.

3 Complete the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test.

4 Successfully complete a medical examination.

5 Successfully complete an interview with a military career counsellor.

6 Pass a physical fitness test and finally step

7 a job offer and enrolment.
My application form with all the relevant ID documents, photos and academic qualifications was easy enough,and clearly my reliability screening had gone well… now for the Aptitude Test.I looked around at the dozen other hopefuls to try and estimate their chances of being accepted, after all,not just anyone qualifies to be a member of the Canadian Armed forces.

Two rows away was a guy in a suit that I could see would cost the shirt off my back, No chance, I mused, this ‘aint easy street, he wouldn’t get past the Career Counsellor. Then there were four or five geeky types sitting upfront exchanging low whispers and nervously looking around. Well, they would make it through the Aptitude Test all right but with physiques like that they’ll never get past theMedical Examination I sniggered to myself.

Sitting next to me was a fresh faced teen eagerly taking in his suroundings. I noticed his threadbare clothing immediately, spotlessly clean shirt and trousers pressed to a knife-edge one too many times, a loser in my books. The Aptitude Test would sink him. I snapped out of my reverie as the Officer called for our attention.I finally reached step 7 successfully and to my astonishment the ‘geeks’, the ‘suit’ and the ‘loser’ were there too.

I had been too judgemental and overlooked the fact that we all have a contribution to make. So I will persevere in standing shoulder to shoulder with the ‘geeks’, the ‘suit’ and the ‘loser’ to make this world a better place.

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