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Dinner Table Debate

March 31, 2011

When I mentioned in passing that I intended taking the CAF Aptitude Test the conversation at the dinner table died,I looked around perplexed at the surprised silent faces, then everyone began talking at once…”I know a guy who tried that, it’s diffi……””Are you nuts, you can’t even…””That sounds cool but…”My dad held up his hands which brought a sense of sanity to the gathering.

“You know son I admire your intentions butit is kinda difficult, I mean they have Spatial ability tests that I don’t think you can…” I cut him short “Who’s had the most shots at goal this season with 94% accuracy?”

He gave a wry smile and conceded my point with a nod. “And whoholds the record for the longest pass of 110 yards including the run?” I continued.”Yeah but can you recognize a form from its pattern, or a pattern from its form? They’ve also included kinda tricky folding paper exercises that’ll crease you up” cut in my brother Brad without bothering to acknowledge my question. “Aren’t you forgetting something big brother…who was the only kid in the car that could refold the touring map perfectlyand at 7 years old”

I added. ‘That’s true, that’s true” he nodded “but there’s more to it than that, there are a numberof problem solving questions too, but…” he held up his hand to cut short my response…”I guess we can’t catch youout on that either as you were the winner of the Senior Math Award in Grade 9″ my latest blog post. Everyone laughed. As we continued with our meal I could sense a feeling of disguised admiration for my choice ofprofession. Secretly I felt pleased with myself as I had in fact passed the first test already.

The approval of my family.I also knew that the higher my CFAT score, the more options I would have for applying for the various military occupations and that was the next goal I set myself.

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