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CFAT Ready is the Canadian leader in CFAT Exam Prep

This is why:

  • Proven CFAT Material.

    In Canada, the armed forces use a standardized aptitude test. Our program prepares you for the CFAT.
  • Track your performance.

    Our programs helps you monitor your progress, so you know your strengths and what you need to work on.
  • We guarantee results.

    We promise CFAT Ready will give you the practice and preparation that you need, or we'll extend your membership.

Our CFAT prep program:

  • 100% ONLINE Program – Access within minutes of registering
  • 5 full practice exams to prepare you for the CFAT
  • Detailed solutions and explanations for the questions
  • Performance and historic tracking of exams attempted
  • Timed and live scoring for all exams
  • Preparation material for subject matters
  • Interactive scoring, historical feedback
  • Complete detailed answers and solutions
  • Interview, Psychological and sample Fitness Preparation
  • Unlimited 1-Year Access to all features and tests
  • Take the tests as many times as you want.

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"I passed my CFAT today with flying colours. I applied for NCM trade but I was told that my score qualifies for being an officer as well. My success was achieved mostly due to studying hard through the great material provided by your service."

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