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What Sort Of Medical Exam Must I Pass To Be Accepted By The CAF?

March 31, 2011

eople interested in joining the CAF are always concerned about being fit enough to pass the Medical Exam. Obviously the Military are in need of healthy, active personnel, but how healthy must you be? Not all of you pump iron and run 10 miles a day before breakfast and some people smoke etc.Here is a brief synopsis of the exam and what the outcome will mean to you, based on the MO’s findings.
1.You will be required to fill in a questionaire regarding you and your families medical history.

2. A general physical examination will be conducted covering vision, hearing, urine test, blood pressure, height, weight, reflexes, eyes etc.

3. If there are concerns with any aspect of the examination on completion, further tests will be conducted, or more information might be required in the form of a letter from your personl physician.

4. The results will be finally collated and compared with the Canadian Forces Medical Standards bible. From this comparision you will be assigned a Medical Category which might look like this… 221311. For a detailed explanation of the standards code you should search the Internet for the book which is referred to as the CFP154.

Everyone has to meet certain minimum common standards. If you do not meet the minimum requirements you will receive a letter stating this. If you do meet the required minimum standard your Medical Category will be compared to the minimum requirement for your selected occupation. If these tally you will be enrolled in your job of choice, if not, you will be asked to reconsider and perhaps choose another occupation. If you are keen on joining the army thenmy advice is to keep your options open and seriously consider an alternative position in the CAF if the powers that be recommend it. Live a healthy lifestyle, join the Armed Forces.

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