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How To Successfully Complete The CAF Aptitude Test

March 31, 2011

I often hear stories about the difficulty of the Canadian Armed Forces Aptitude Test and I can tell you from personal experience that there is a lot of misconception attached to these tales. Yes, to the average person the questionsappear to be difficult, but people with a keen IQ, the spirit to accept a challenge and a burning desire to search for answers are not average people.

If you are reading this then you must have made the decision to take the test and that’s one of the characteristics welook for in a prospective candidate…someone who can make a decision you could try this out.You have taken the first step, I took this stepsuccessfully many years ago with this simple but effective method. Below are the three basic areas that the test covers and the method I used to study for the test.

1.Verbal skills.

This tests your ability to understand words and communicate effectively.There are countless Internet word games, crossword puzzles, Scrabble and Rummikub board games available, set aside time every day to participate in them so as to broaden your vocabulary and word recognition skills. Are opposite and apposite related?

2. Spatial Ability Test.

Spatial Ability tests your form and pattern recognition capabilities. When last did you pick up an Xacto blade and asteel rule to cut and score board to create various simple 3-dimensional forms? Never! Well now is a good time and while you’re at it, paint random faces of the flattened construction different colors or draw symbols on them, then try to visualize how the assembled shape would look, where would the symbols or colors appear on the construction? Alternatively, paint one face of an assembled form and try to imagine where that color will fall on the flattened shape.

3. Problem Solving.

Problem Solving is self explanatory and comes down to basic mathematics. Once again, look on the Internet for math puzzles, trick questions or work your way through a Sudoku book or a MENSA test. Try this. “If in the army thereis one officer for every 16 privates, how many officers are there in a regiment consisting of 1,105 officers and privates?” Now choose your answer. (A) 62     (B) 65     (C) 67     (D) 69

Be advised, there are time limits to the various questions, that’s why it is imperative to sharpen these basic skills.  You can do this! Many have. Put the required effort in and the results will speak for themselves. Good luck!


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