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Canadian Armed Forces Recruitment Criteria

March 31, 2011

Not just anyone qualifies to be a member of the Canadian Armed forces. There are certain requirements that you mustmeet before you can even consider filling in the online Employment Application Form or E-application as it issometimes called. It is not just a case of showing up and sitting the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT).

The basic requirements, as publicized by the Canadian Forces themselves, are:

1. You must be a Canadian citizen. For instance, it is not enough if you have a parent who is a Canadian citizen but you     are not. If you are serious about joining the Canadian Armed Forces, and you are not yet a citizen, you need to get     that sorted out first.

2. You must be at least 17 years of age, and your parents or guardian(s) must have given their consent for you to apply    for recruitment in the Canadian Armed forces. There are two exceptions to this: those interested in the Regular     Officer Training Plan and those applying to join the Primary Reserve. In these cases you can be 16 years of age or     older.

3. You must have a suitable educational qualification as well. The minimum qualification is a Grade 10 or, in Quebec, a     Secondaire III. There may be additional requirements depending on the kind of recruitment you seek.

4. You must pass a Reliability Screening check, once passed you will receive a Reliability Status which is a mandatory    requirement for enrolment into the armed forces.

5. You must sit and pass the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test.

6. You must pass a medical examination and successfully complete a physical fitness test regardless of your preferred  occupation in the CanadianForces. This is an annual test and one must be prepared well in advance before arriving  for basic training.

These are small steps to take which can lead to big opportunities in the Canadian Armed forces.


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